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Choosing the Best Martial Arts for You

For anyone who wants to learn a martial art, there is a lot to know in regards to the many different styles. Of course there is the question of finding the best martial art, which is a question a lot of people ask With so many martial arts styles to choose from, it can be […]
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WordPress Add Leveling Classes to Menu Items

Many times when I am building mega menus and need additional classes to write cleaner CSS I like to add level classes to the WordPress menu items. I like to use a simple PHP function to add classes like .level-0, .level-1, .level-2 to the li depending on its depth from the top most nav item. […]
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PHP Get the Distance Between Two Lat/Lng Points

If your building some custom Google Maps and need to get the distance between two points I got the Math done for ya. The function below will return the distance between two Lat/Lng points so for you to use in your code to calculate travel fees or just the distance in miles/kilometers. This is a […]
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PHP Convert Hex to RGB

Need a way to convert Hex code to RGB value programmatically with PHP? I got your back. There are not a ton of instances that you might need to do this. Most of the cases I had to use this have been for better support for older browsers.
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jQuery get Browser name and add it to site body as class

Have you needed to apply specific CSS styles to a particular web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Opera...)? I have a Javascript function that I use in all my site to accomplish this. I use this function to identify the browser that is viewing a site and using its name as class that I assign […]
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Gravity Forms: Scroll to Confirmation Text After Submission

If you have your form at the bottom of a page and noticed that when you submit the form you don't see your confirmation message right away, it's not your fault. Gravity Forms is meant to be very flexible to any type of user/developer, however not all of the bells and whistles are turned on […]
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