My latest freelancing project is all about the chocolate, especially in truffle form.  For the Love of Truffles was started by and neighbor and friend of mine Katie who wanted an alternative to cake for her wedding.  People at her wedding loved her home made truffles so much that she received request for her truffles for events.  Katie found making truffles to be fun and saw the financial opportunity to start her own business.

Katie realized there was a demand for her homemade truffles but needed help to get her truffles out to the broader public.  Katie needed a website to get her business established and out there to future clients.   Katie and I came up with a simple logo design to get her business to start building a brand.  Once a logo and basic brand identity was created I began coming up with a modern photo block design for the site.  Using a two columns style I came up with alternating images and content blocks as a reoccurring theme throughout the site.

We have many future phases for this site in place depending on the growth of the business.  So keep your eye on For the Love of Truffles because their are big things to come from this energetic entrepreneur.