The Karate Coder

Additions to Meyers on Moose

In preparation for the 15th year anniversary of Meyers on Moose the Meyers have decided to take pre-orders on T-shirts for this occasion.  I assisted them setting up an account on Stripe and integrating their service with Gravity Forms.  I am excited to see how easy it is for friends and family to order their t-shirts.

UPDATE:  Pre-orders page for Meyers on Moose are now live and every test went smooth with no errors.  That almost never happens!

New Features added to Meyers on Moose

I have just several new features to Meyers on Moose.   I wanted to add functionality to the user profiles since the users/contributors are the core of Meyers on Moose.  After testing out several user role plug-ins I started to get a better sense of what this site needed and what it didn’t need. Then I found the right User Profile plug-in Ultimate Members.

The last feature I added was custom login, registration, and password recovery pages using forms.   This was one part security and one part style.  The website to me need to not look like a WordPress site and more of a personalized php site. This addition was more for me than anything I think.

Meyers on Moose update

Meyers on Moose 0.76 is now live.  The majority of the style is done and the gallery has been built.  The last touches are to add content and add some posts.
I made a major overhaul of the WordPress theme and checked it.   Instead of using the custom Bootstrap theme I opted for something easy for the family to use.  And I have been sitting on this theme for a while.  It is the Divi 2.0 theme from Elegant Themes.  This theme has a lot of versatility and it is quick to customize.

I have added the bbPress plug in for a discussion forum and a backed site builder for those who don’t know Web coding.

With all that done it is safe to say that the site will be ready in time for 2015 Meyers on Moose.

It is the digital age

Every summer my Aunt and Uncle open up their cabin to family and friends for one to two weeks to drink, relax, and fish.  They have been doing this for over 10 years.  For those ten years they have kept a journal about the weather, what funny things happen, and who won the “hang your balls” tournament for that year.   This year at the cabin I started to form the idea of taking the cabin journal and translating it into something digital.  A place to log everything that is going on at the cabin.  Collection of photos for friends and family to see and comment about.  These are just the basics of the site.  Not only do I want the site to be about family, friends, and events but provide information on the current weather forecast, news updates on region activities, past and present tournament stats, directions to the cabin from multiple directions, and photo and bios of new people visiting for the first time.